Barbados currency converter, what's the best currency to use in barbados?

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A handy Barbados currency converter that is very easy to use.

The best currency to use while in Barbados is of course the local money the Barbadian dollar.

But during your Barbados vacation you can also use US dollars almost everywhere, although it will cost you a little bit more for a service fee in some places.

While on holiday in Barbados you can use your favorite credit cards or travelers cheques at hotels, restaurants or for shopping, they are widely accepted all over the island, again there will be a small service fee.

Most people having a holiday in Barbados will use a taxi for the first time when leaving the airport.

If you have US dollars the taxi driver will be happy to take them, but don't get confused - remember the Barbados dollar is fixed to the US dollar, and exchanges at the rate of about US$1=2 Barbados dollars.

A number of International banks operate branches on Barbados where you can easily exchange your currency into Barbados dollars.

Banks generally require customers to show identification such as a passport when converting foreign dollars, particularly when converting back to your home currency.

This is because of the foreign exchange control in Barbados. You should also carry your passport if you want to get cash advances with your credit card.

The symbol for the Barbados dollar is BBD

The colorful Barbadian currency comes in denominations of, $100 to $2 in note form and $1 to 1 cent in coins.

Banking Hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday 8:am - 3:pm
  • Friday 8:am - 5:pm
  • Closed on Saturday

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