The West Coast Barbados is on the calm Caribbean Sea side of the island

West Coast Barbados beaches have golden white sands that slope gently into the Caribbean Sea with no sudden drop offs and mostly sandy bottoms.

The water on this Coast is generally very calm making it ideal for, beachcombing, metal detecting, looking for sea glass and other treasures you might be lucky enough to run across.

This side of Barbados has wonderful beaches for the elderly, handicapped, and especially children because the sea is so calm.

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Gibbs beach west coast Barbados

Seasonal changes can have adverse affects on the Caribbean beaches but I've only seen that happen once in Barbados in over thirty years, and that was hurricane David.

The one good thing that came out of that experience was the huge amount of beach treasures that were stirred up by the storm which was great for my wife that loves collecting sea glass.

West Coast Barbados beaches are known for their numerous water activities the calm Caribbean is superb for it's swimming, snorkeling and water skiing.

My favorite beach for just relaxing and reading a good book or playing with the grand children is Gibbs Beach , a very quiet peaceful beach.

Taking a short stroll North on this beach and you will come to Mullins beach with its well known Suga Suga beach bar.

And for those that like diving this is the right side of Barbados to be on.

There is diving to suit both the novice (me) and experienced divers alike, best of all there are over two dozen dive sites of interest to choose from.

Most of these dive sites are found along the West Coast with the most popular being Maycocks Bay a great dive site with large coral reefs divided by stretches of white sand. manta rays and barracudas frequent these waters.

One of the best sites for snorkeling and diving in Barbados is Dottins Reef, near Holetown. This site has huge coral reefs that attract many bright and colorful fish.

A great place to spend a day out and learn about the marine life in the waters surrounding Barbados is the Folkestone Marine Park

The North Western reefs found near Speightstown are considered to be the best in Barbados and they still have pristine corals and a huge amount of brightly coloured fish and other marine life.

The reefs around this area are part of the offshore barrier reef system which runs North to South which is unusual but it provides a huge area on which you can dive.

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