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Gibbs Beach Barbados is located on the West Coast of the island, in the North West Parish of St. Peter.

It's located a few miles North of Bridgetown and Holetown and a couple of miles South of Speightstown.

Some of the most luxurious vacation homes with their fantastic landscaped gardens are dotted along this Coast.

This area of St. Peter is called the "gold or platinum coast" two names that those of us who own properties here dislike very much because of what they imply.

Gibbs Beach has beautiful pristine white sand (except when the leaves are falling from the Manchineel trees) and calm crystal clear water that make this beach an ideal location for families with small children.

There are no sudden drop offs when going into the water and the bottom is generally sandy.

Find out more about Manchineel trees they're poisonous! and can ruin your Barbados vacation.

I took this picture of Gibbs Beach May 2008

Gibbs Beach Barbados

Gibbs Beach is not as well known as some of the other beaches, and the vacation villas spread along this beach are so expensive that it really creates a feeling of exclusivity.

But if you would like to spend your Barbados vacation on this quite side of the Island there are options such as a Barbados apartment rental by owner.

It might feel a like an exclusive area but of course that is not the case as all beaches in Barbados are by law open to the public, up to the high water mark.

Don't get me wrong you will find water sports operators offering everything from, water skiing, banana boat rides to para sailing and hobie cat rentals.

On the week ends and public holidays it's a favorite stop off for local boaters.

Gibbs Beach is a great place to take a brisk jog early in the morning or later in the evening when the day is cooler. Or take a long leasurley stroll on this lovely beach with the one you're with.

At the same time take in the views of some of the most fantastic homes on the island. This picture was taken April 2008, of a cannon facing the Caribbean it's in the garden of a beautiful house facing Gibbs beach.


Gibbs Beach Barbados is probably the best strip of coastline for swimming on Barbados.

There are no snack bars or beach bars on Gibbs Beach so you will have to bring your own refreshments, also there are no beach chairs or umbrellas, but there are many huge trees to provide shade should you want it.

On the other hand why not visit the beach bar on Mullins Beach get something to munch on and a nice cold beer then return to the serenity of Gibbs beach.

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