Holetown, a small town in Barbados is the spot where the British first landed in 1625, previously they had made a temporary stop in 1620 to get fresh water.

A Captain Henry Powell sailing the ship Olive Blossom came back to Barbados in February 17, 1627 with fifty British settlers and ten slaves to form a new settlement.

The settlement called Jamestown was up until 1629 the only town on Barbados.

The town got the name Holetown from a very small body of water called "The Hole" which provided safe landing and ship cleaning to take place.

The settlers arrival has been celebrated since the 1970's with a week long festival beginning in the middle of February with the opening celebrations taking place at the Holetown Monument.

This monument dedicated to Captain Henry Powells landing, for some reason has his date of landing as 1605 which is incorrect but has not to this day been corrected.

This historic town is located on the West Coast of Barbados in the Parish of Saint James.

Today it's one of the most popular Parishes for visitors to the island, Sunset Crest a unique resort complex that is spread over 130 acres is part of modern day Holetown.

For entertainment there's Lexi Piano Bar and Cabaret on second street.

There are many different types of restaurants, three of my favourites are, Angry Annies restaurant which is well known for its curries, Just Grillin in Sunset Crest, an open air grill and bar, and Ragamuffins bar & restaurant that serves Bajan food and also has a drag show on Sunday nights.

If you're looking for daytime entertainment, an interesting way to spend the day out is visiting the Folkestone Marine Reserve .

It's a great place to have a picknic, go snorkelling, swimming, scuba diving or visit the Marine Park Museum.

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