These Barbados tourist attractions must be seen

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There are so many Barbados tourist attractions to choose from depending on what your tastes might be. Take a Barbados island tour and see the historical sites from the natural beauty of Barbados to the many attractions created by man.

One of the most popular natural tourist attractions to visit is Harrison's Cave a stunningly beautiful limestone cavern that is a must see experience for visitors to Barbados.

The Animal Flower Cave is another wonderful experience with a lot of history behind it. Sea anemones called sea flowers that have various colours are found in the cave giving it its name. The view from inside the cave out to sea is spectacular.

For the nature lovers some of the must see attractions are, Andromeda Botanical Gardens,it has many exotic plants and flowers from around the world and is nestled on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Coast.

Welchman Hall Gully is close to Harrison's Cave it is a densely wooded ravine with a nature trail and many species of lush tropical plants and trees.

Flower Forest, a peaceful blend of, park, botanical garden and nature trail. The walking trail is easy to follow and very informative with many benches to sit on to admire the fantastic surroundings. Flower Forest is near the village of Bathsheba in the Parish of St Joseph on the East Coast.

And one of my favourite Barbados tourist attractions, Orchid World where there are all kinds of orchids on display including imported varieties from around the world, this is one of the finest orchid gardens in the entire Caribbean.

For the history buffs Barbados has manymust see surprises in store. In the heart of Bridgetown are the Barbados Parliament Buildings that were built in 1874 from local coral limestone, they are a masterpiece of Gothic Architecture.

St. Ann's Garrison where the British West Indies Regiment was stationed during the 1600 and 1700 hundreds, this area is rich in history.

Bush Hill House now known as George Washington House is in the Garrison area, In 1751, George Washington President of the United States and his half brother came to Barbados, and stayed at Bush Hill House. The house was recently restored and is a lovely attraction.

Gun Hill Signal Station is a very old British fortification that those interested in military history should take a look at. At this location there is also a huge lion that was carved from limestone by one of the men stationed here.

In Speightstown there is the 18th century Arlington House, now a museum with many interesting displays and items on show. This museum tells of the history and importance of Speightstown from the days of slavery to the present.

The Bridgetown Synagogue is a definite must see for its historical importance, this beautifully restored building was erected in the mid 1600's by Jews that had come from Brazil. It had been derelict for many years but now is in use once again.

There are many wonderful old historic Parish Churches to view, St John, St.Peter, St. James, St. Philip, all the Parish Churches in fact are of interest to the history buff.

To see the Barbados green monkeys up close, along with other animals that run wild the Barbados Wildlife Reserve is the place to go this is a very interesting and popular tourist attraction. The animals roam freely and you can get within touching distance.

There are many more Barbados tourist attractions to see while on vacation in this special country so be sure you don't forget to bring your camera along.

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