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Duty Free Stores in Barbados are everywhere and cater to all tastes.

You don't have to be wealthy or super rich to take advantage of what they have to offer.

You'll just feel that way when you wear that watch or ring or whatever you've bought at fantastic discounts of up to 50%.

Of all merchandise offered at duty free outlets I think, gold, jewelry, precious gems,cameras and electronic items are of the most interest to shoppers that understand that these items are usually heavily taxed.

I still remember my first duty free purchase when I was only 23 years old and still a little "wet behind the ears" as my mother used to say. I bought a very expensive watch that was heavily discounted of course, and I still have it.

To explain how duty free shopping works is not that hard, when luxury goods are brought into a country an import tax or duty of a certain percentage is added to the product by the government making the item much more expensive.

"Duty free" simply means that the government is allowing you to buy certain goods at certain stores without having to pay the import tax.

Broad Street in Bridgetown the capital city of Barbados, has some of the most well known duty free stores such as.

Diamonds International

This family owned business has grown into the largest duty free retailer in the Caribbean.

At Diamonds International you can create your own self designed piece by picking a loose diamond choosing your setting and they will have it ready for you in a matter of hours.

They also carry a fine jewelry selection and watches from top makers such as, Longines, Cartier, Piaget and many more.

Visit the Diamonds International website for more information >>>

Colombian Emeralds International

Colombian Emeralds International is also located on Broad Street and has been selling beautiful jewelry and gems for about forty years now and has a reputation for quality, integrity and value.

Selling a fine selection of emeralds they also carry diamonds, sapphires, rubys and other gems. They also carry a line of top name watches.

Visit the Colombian Emeralds International website >>>

Most duty free shops in Barbados show their listed prices in a similar manner as the example below.

The price tag will show:

  • The local price in Barbados dollars (LP BDS$).
  • The duty free price in Barbados dollars (DF BDS$).
  • The duty free price in US dollars (DF US$).
To buy at duty free stores you must have your passport and ticket showing your departure date.

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