This interactive map of Barbados is great!

This detailed map of Barbados takes a little playing around with, but you'll soon get the hang of using it.

You will be amazed at what you can do with this map. After a little playing around it can be a very useful road map, you can zoom into all parts of this lovely and mysterious Caribbean island.

It might take a little bit of trial and error with the buttons in the left and right hand corners of this map of Barbados, but you will soon be zooming in and out in no time at all.

There are three buttons in the top right hand corner, the (map) button shows roads, the (sat) button shows a satellite image of Barbados Island with roads superimposed on it, the (ter) button shows the terrain of the island with roads.

In the left hand corner of the map of Barbados are the, up, down, right, left, increase size and decrease size buttons.

Use the plus (+) button to enlarge and the minus (-) to make it smaller.

The up and down arrows move the map North and South and the left and right arrows move the map East and West.

Have fun exploring the Barbados Island with this interactive map.

And if you've ever asked the question, where is Barbados located take a look at this interactive world map.

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