Where is Barbados on the map?..... that's a question asked by many.

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"Where is Barbados located on a map"? you might be asking yourself, well the interactive map below will show you, but for those that like all the details there's this.
  • The geographical co-ordinates for Barbados are 13º N Latitude and 59º W Longitude.
  • Barbados is the most Easterly Island in the archipelago of the Caribbean Islands known as the Windward Islands.

With the Caribbean Sea on the West which is considered by most to be the calm side of the Island and the Atlantic Ocean on the East side of the Island which is always wild and turbulent due to the trade winds.

I just like to say it's the most Easterly of the Windward Islands in the British West Indies.

The blue balloon on the map below indicates how far East of the other Windward Islands Barbados lies.

The map also shows the relationship of Barbados to North and South America and to the rest of the world.

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