Todays Weather in Barbados ... it doesn't get better than this

A five day weather forecast for Barbados

The weather in Barbados today can only be described as fantastic. Even if and when it's raining you know the sun will soon be shining brightly.

Barbados is blessed by the constant trade winds blowing across it from the East or Atlantic Ocean side of the island creating a balmy tropical climate.

With the trade winds blowing steadily they keep the bright and sunny 75 to 85 degree days quite comfortable.

The Barbados temperature drops to an average 70 to 75 degrees at night and again with the trade winds it remains relatively pleasant.

But it's best to take a long sleeved shirt or sweater with you when you go out at night, it does cool off.

The weather in Barbados has only two Seasons

Just as North America has seasons so does Barbados - except we only have two - the wet season and the dry season.

The dry season starts around December and lasts until around June, with only occasional passing showers lasting minutes - if that long.

The wet season starts around July lasting through to November, some extremely heavy downpours can be expected during this time period, even to the point of flooding.

Barbados has some spectacular tropical rainstorms but thanks to the porosity of the island the water is quickly absorbed into underground lakes or runs off into the sea.

Don't worry about the lack of sunshine though, even during the rainy season the sun shines an average of about nine hours a day so there's lots of time to get to the beach and catch some rays or do some sightseeing.

When is the Barbados hurricane season?

One of the questions that always comes up is, when is the hurricane season in Barbados?

The Barbadians have a little saying about hurricane season, "June too soon - October all over" to date that's been pretty accurate.

Officially though the hurricane season is from June to October, with August through September being the peak months.

Barbados has been very fortunate to have missed any major hurricanes in recent years and many Barbadians have become quite complacent about one striking the island as they always veer to the North.

This doesn't mean Barbados is blessed - just very lucky - and I hope it stays that way.

With today's weather technology there's little danger of being caught off guard by todays Barbados weather.

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