Barbados .. Gem of the Caribbean

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Barbados land of the famous, "flying fish" tropical home to "green monkeys" and the enchanting nightime melody of "whistling frogs" which is the last sound you'll probably hear before falling asleep.

This exotic island is just a speck on the map, it's actually only about 166 square miles in size which is tiny even compared to some of its neighbouring Caribbean islands.

aquamarine waters and swaying palm trees in barbados

So what is so different about Barbados you might ask?

Doesn't it have the same fantastic beaches, beautiful crystal clear aquamarine waters and gently swaying palm trees as many of the other Caribbean islands?

The short answer is, yes!

So why do first time visitors fall in love with it and it's friendly people and become long time returning friends, coming back to Barbados year after year?

Returning to not just an island paradise but to friends that they have made over the many years of visits - people from all parts of the world.

Some like me fall in love with more than the island and return to buy a piece of Barbados property, or "piece of the rock" as it's known to the local people - or Bajuns as they often refer to themselves.

For some the spell is cast on the first visit, they are so enamored with this little gem of an island they actually pack up and move to Barbados. I've seen this happen firsthand a number of times.

Two of my newest friends and neighbours Mike and Lesley are a lovely British couple that have made the the move.

After a number of years of planning they have built a beautiful home right across the road from me. Now they have become visitors to their home country of England, and a holiday home on the Mediterranean island of Minorca.

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