There are flights to Barbados from, the United States, Canada, Britain and countries of the European Union

Flights to Barbados are one of the easiest things to arrange as there are planes leaving for Barbados daily from North America, Europe and most other points on the map making getting to the island relatively stress free.

It's not like some of the other Caribbean islands, where you have to land on one island and then take a ferry or an inter island flight to get to your destination.

All International flights to the island arrive at Sir Grantley Adams International Airport - (BGI) - the only airport on Barbados.

The airport in Barbados is modern and completely up to date - as a matter of fact Barbados was the only Caribbean island that the famous Concord airplane had scheduled flights to.

They have a Concord on display in a museum at the airport.

Even though Barbados is a tiny Caribbean island - about 166 square miles in size - most International airlines have flights to the island.

If you're flying from the United States the major airlines like American, Delta and United all have flights to the island.

Flying from Canada, Air Canada and West Jet offer direct flights to this tropical paradise.

If you're leaving from Britain, the most popular airlines are British Airways and Virgin Atlantic they have direct flights to Barbados, they also fly from several other countries in Europe.

The best way to find out what air carrier provides flights to Barbados from your country is to ask a travel agency.

Tips to getting a cheap ticket to Barbados

There are cheap flights to Barbados throughout the year offered by many airlines. Some airlines fly only a few months of the year specificaly to Barbados but offer cheap flights during this period.

  • The high or peak season starts right before Christmas and goes on until about March then the low season kicks in until about early December.

    So if you want to save some money plan to go to Barbados during the low season, which is about early April to early December.

  • Try to stay away from flying on weekends and check out ticket prices for mid week flights, Tuesday and Wednesday preferably!
  • For reasons known only to the airlines prices are usually lower during this time period. If you have a flexible travel schedule this could work to your advantage.
  • Check the airlines directly by looking at their Web sites prices can be dramatically cheaper from one day to the next.
  • Check the web for the best fares, websites like or
  • Subscribe to airline e-newsletters to keep up on last-minute deals and fare sales.
If you plan to travel between the islands these are the most popular airlines to check out.