Save money on rentals ...just ask the owner of the rental property

How can you save money on rentals in Barbados?

The thing that surprises me the most is that more people haven't realized that they can actually get a better deal by doing one simple thing .. asking the owner of a Barbados vacation rental for a lower price.

Think about it, the worst thing that can happen is the owner says no.

But you could be missing out on getting a lower price because you didn't ask.

Usually the owners of, rental apartments, condos, villas, or houses will be willing to make an arrangement with a prospective visitor so they can save money on rentals because ... they can and will be very flexible.

They answer to themselves not a corporation. Quite simply they want your business and will try to be as accommodating as possible and in turn you save money on rentals.

Some of the more common reasons why the owners of Barbados vacation rentals are willing to negotiate on price are:

  • A short gap between rentals is open and rather than losing money owners will negotiate.
  • For example the owner is booked from the 1st to the 15th of a month the next booking is from the 25th on leaving a gap that is hard to fill.

    You happen to come along and want a week and it's right in the middle of that gap, the 16th to 24th and you offer a $100 less than the asking price.

    Chances are very good you'll get it because the owner doesn't have time to wait, he wants to get that space filled and you save money on rentals.

    When you're a little guy it's not as easy getting customers as say, a Holiday Inn.

  • There has been a cancellation and the owner wants to fill the vacancy fast.
  • This one is pretty obvious, owners hate cancellations now they have to hope another renter comes along .. and fast, the season doesn't last forever.

    You happen along and ask if anything is available but at a lower price than what is advertised .. BINGO!

    There's a good chance you can negotiate a much lower price and save money on rentals.

  • It's a slow tourist season for the little guy and he needs your business.
  • During times of economic slowdown, high gas prices, currency depreciation, or a number of any other factors.

    This is always the right time to ask for a lower price, no doubt you'll get it.

  • It's the low season (May to Dec) and rental rates drop dramatically.
  • Barbados vacation rentals are readily available so everyone is looking for business, little guy, big guy and in between guy.

Like all other countries that cater to tourists Barbados vacation rentals are abundant in the low season.

Quite frankly you can almost name your own price during this season.

All you have to do is ask.

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