Barbados on a budget ... who said it can't be done!

A holiday in Barbados on a - 'budget' - is it possible?

It's possible to have a vacation in Barbados on a budget but like a lot of things in life you have to make some compromises.

But it will require a bit of work on your part - but hey - you're trying to save some bucks so it's worth the effort of doing it.

And you will meet some very nice people on-line that will be extremely helpful in your search for accommodation in Barbados.

Many people planning a Barbados vacation automatically think of, hotels, resorts, or all inclusive packages.

But for Barbados on a budget conscious people they might want to consider a vacation rental by the owner of a private villa , apartment or cottage a much more affordable alternative.

The added benefit is that it's a great way to meet the local people and get the feel of real Barbados island life which is all but impossible to do at, hotels, resorts, or all inclusive's.

You've come a long way to get away from it all - why spend your Barbados holiday with people from your own country - now's the time to forget that other world and soak up Barbados.

You'll be returning to the rat race much too soon.

I know of some people that have been having holidays in Barbados for years this way.

They started out by staying at my place then over the years as they got to know the island better they developed relationships with other Barbados property owners.

Now when they come down they split up their vacation in Barbados by staying on both the East Coast and West Coast of Barbados.

Try doing that with an all inclusive Barbados holiday - you can't.

These people go down every year from Canada and they've really got it down to an art on how to vacation in Barbados on a budget.

The bonus for them is they can afford a Barbados car rental for the entire three weeks of their vacation - and Barbados car rentals aren't cheap.

Get off the beach - the biggest money saving tip

Everybody on holiday to Barbados goes for the sun and sand so it's understandable that beach front properties are the most desired - also the most expensive.

A property that's a five - ten minute walk to the same beach will cost far less and in Barbados there's always a right of way to get to the beach - by law all beaches are open to the public.

The easiest way to save money on a Barbados vacation rental is to ask the owner for a discount.

So if you want to save big bucks rent a cottage, apartment or villa close to the beach not on it, get a little exercise by walking for a few minutes and think of all the money you have left to do other things with.

Or pick an apartment on the East Coast of Barbados that is not so touristy and doesn't have what most tourists are looking for - but has other advantages like, great surfing, natural beauty and peace and quiet.

Many properties are located close to the beach, or within reasonable walking distance so that a car isn't required.

If your going in a group or with extended family members, renting a villa might be the way to go. Depending on the number of people the cost per person per night will work out to less than hotel accommodation.

To be taken into consideration are meals - I know it's a vacation but preparing meals yourself will keep costs down dramatically - you're in Barbados on a budget after all.

And if it's a group sharing the villa or house different members can take turns playing chef.

Barbados grocery shopping is quite expensive so you might wonder is it worth it to go through the hassle of cooking - compared to eating out every night you'll come out way ahead by cooking.

When doing the grocery shopping pick up some Banks Beer it's locally brewed and inexpensive also locally made Mount Gay Rum - mix your own drink's and save a bundle.

The other great thing about sharing a house or villa with friends or family - is just being there together enjoying each others company.

Planning sight seeing tours around the island as a group or going on the Atlantis submarine tour, or checking out the local beach bar as a group can be another fun part of renting a Barbados villa or apartment.

If you want to see the island but don't like the idea of driving on the other side of the road, or don't drive a car - not to worry.

Barbados has a great public transport system and you can travel virtually to any part of the island for only $1.50, it's a cheap, safe and reliable way to get around Barbados on a budget.

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