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This amazing Chalky Mount photograph was taken by Ilan kelman while he was doing some hiking in Barbados on the East Coast.

When I asked Ilan how he discovered this fantastic spot he told me, "I found the spot for that photo by luck.

I was trying to get to the top of Chalky Mount and I lost the trail.

While wandering about, I suddenly came across this spot and was amazed at the beauty - even on a beautiful island such as Barbados--so I snapped it.


I might not ever be able to find that spot again; although, given that it is a small area, it might be possible with some systematic searching, as long as the area is not too overgrown.


The little village of Chalky Mount overlooks the East Coast and has become quite popular because of the clay pottery cottage industry created by the villagers.

Fortunately for them the village is located on top of the prime ingredient required to produce the wares they sell, "clay"

You can watch the potters at work making and kilning pottery sculptures, vases, pots, etc.

The best place to do some shopping is the Chalky Mount Pottery Co-Op, a number of different potters works are displayed for sale here.

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Generally you can get some great bargains on genuine locally made clay pottery from Chalky Mount Barbados.

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