Best Barbados Beaches

The best Barbados beaches are to be found on the south and west coasts of the island and these in my opinion are the best and most beautiful beaches in Barbados for real beach lovers.

Some of the most spectacular beaches are on the Atlantic or east coast side being especially popular with surfers and those that like big crashing waves constantly rolling in.

And best of all no matter where the beach is you're able to get to it.

By law all Barbados beaches are public, no matter if the beach is in front of the swankiest hotel or the most opulent multi million dollar villa.

On this little island of about 166 square miles there are more than 70 miles of golden beaches.

And if you're planning a vacation in Barbados there are some great private Barbados vacation rentals to choose from.

barbados vacation cottage for rent by owner Barbados vacation rentals, are available and especially popular for longer holiday rentals on this island paradise.
There are private apartments and villas on the, south coast, west coast and east coast of Barbados all for rent by individual owners. more ...

The West Coast of Barbados is known for some of the best Barbados beaches and the calmness of the Caribbean Sea lapping at the uncrowded shore.
gibbs beach west coast barbados Here you'll find the quietest and most uncrowded beaches on the west coast of Barbados.

I know this is true because I own Barbados vacation rental apartments nearby.

mullins beach west coast barbados

A short stroll north of Gibbs Beach brings you to the much more active Mullins Beach on Mullins Bay a lovely beach that has a very popular beach bar on it.

This beach has many people offering diving, snorkeling, water skiing, jet skiing and many other water activities, helping to make your holidays in Barbados truly enjoyable.

speightstown west coast barbadosAnd while you're on the West Coast checking out the best Barbados beaches visit Speightstown the second largest town on Barbados.

Take a tour of this historic old town take a look in the art galleries or visit the Fisherman's Pub and have a drink or explore the new museum in the historic old restored Arlington House

miami beach south coast barbados Some of the most popular and best Barbados beaches are to be found on the South Coast. Two of the best are Miami Beach and Accra Beach they are quite wide with gorgeous fine white sand. They are active beaches and can be quite heavily populated with beach lovers during the tourist season.

For water activities the south coast is ideal, the waves are small to medium making for great wind and kite surfing conditions and there are some really good dive sites along this coast also.

brownes beach south coast barbados

The south coast of Barbados has some tremendous fine white sand beaches for the beach lovers and the colours of the Caribbean Sea on this coast are truly magnificent. One of the best Barbados beaches and also one of my favourites is Brownes Beach.

st lawrence gap south coast barbados The St. Lawrence Gap Barbados is on the south coast and is worth a tour take a look at the night clubs and restaurants lining this street and be sure to come back and experience them in the evening. For the beach lovers there is beautiful Dover beach for daytime activities.

harrisons cave east coast barbados On the way you might take note of where some of the most interesting sights to be seen on Barbados are located such as, Harrisons Cave, Farley Hill, Wellchman Hall Gully, Gun Hill Signal Station and many more that you will pass on your trip to the North and East Coasts of Barbados.

tent bay east coast barbados On the East Coast you can stroll for miles on fantastic wide beaches of fine white sand without meeting a soul until you reach a little fishing village like Tent Bay or Cattlewash or the more well known Bathsheba and the "soup bowl" an area known far and wide for its terrific waves and surfing.

If you're looking for a beach to go to on the north coast of Barbados you'll be disappointed because it has little to offer the real beach lover.

But what it lacks in beaches it makes up for in spectacular scenery the dramatic cliffs with the Atlantic Ocean crashing below provide excellent opportunities for taking some amazing pictures.

The few Beaches on the north coast are mostly composed of very coarse sand and are difficult to get to and the rough seas make any type of water activity not advisable.

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Barbados beach bars on the beautiful West Coast of the island.
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Bridgetown Capital of Barbados is the heartbeat of this Caribbean island
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Barbados beaches East Coast long wide beaches of white sand a surfers paradise.
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Fishermans Pub and beach bar Speightstown Barbados
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Golfing in Barbados - golf courses in Barbados are world class
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Gun Hill signal station is a historical attraction in Barbados built in 1818
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Barbados marine reserve, better known as Folkestone marine park by Barbadians
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Barbados vacation rentals by owner, holiday rentals by owner in Barbados
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Barbados restaurants are world class finding one for romantic dining is easy
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Barbados shopping is a must for duty free items and crafts and souvenirs
Barbados shopping for duty free articles is a must while on your holiday
South Coast Barbados has magnificant fine white sand beaches
South Coast Barbados beaches are some of the best Barbados has to offer if not the entire Carbbean.
Speightstown Barbados the second largest town on Barbados
Speightstown Barbados, a quaint old town with a history dating back to when it was called little Bristol.
Sports in Barbados - cricket, horse racing, polo, golf, sports shooting and more
There are many sports in Barbados for both spectators and those that want to participate.
St Lawrence Gap Barbados for nightlife, entertainment, nightclubs, restaurants
St Lawrence Gap on the South Coast of Barbados has become the place to go for nighttime entertainment of all kinds, bars, clubs, and restaurants of all kinds line this short strip.
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West Coast Barbados beaches are fantastic for watching Caribbean sunsets
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The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a zoo without bars, lots of barbados monkeys
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Gibbs Beach Barbados located on the Caribbean or West Coast of Barbados
Gibbs Beach Barbados, one of the most peaceful beaches for the quiet enjoyment of a good book.
Mullins Beach is one of the nicest Barbados beaches
Mullins Beach has one of the nicest Barbados beach bars
Manchineel trees - Danger don't touch these trees.
Manchineel trees can be found along Barbados beaches and throughout the West Indies.
Pelican and Culpepper Island today there is only one Island remaining
Pelican and Culpepper Island, information on two little known islands off the Barbadian coast.
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