Davids Place restaurant

Davids Place restaurant

Reservations 435-9755

St.Lawrence main road, Worthing, Christ Church

davids place restaurant barbados

This restaurant in popular St. Lawrence Gap can be relied on for authentic Barbadian cuisine.

Personal attention by David and his staff with excellent friendly service.

Soft strains of semi-classical music, soothing sounds of waves gently rippling across the glittering waters of St. Lawrence Bay and sophisticated decor, all come together to provide an unforgettable Barbadian dining experience.

Signature dishes include cheddar cheese bread, chicken wings, authentic Arawak Pepper pot and steak or lobster cooked in traditional Bajan way.

Large selection of delicious fresh fish, prepared in a variety of ways and numerous appropriate dishes for the vegetarian diner.

Please dress for dining. Parking available

Open 6 - 10 pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Major credit cards accepted.

Starters $18-$40

Main Course $55-$95 Extensive Wine List: $42-$150

Sample Menu Bds$

Appetisers: $18-$40

Flying Fish Melts Deep fried and crunchy, served with a pepper jelly dip

Pumpkin Fritters A sweet savory aperitif, a wholesome taste tempter

Main Course $55-$95

Flying Fish Barbados' most popular delicacy, battered and fried to perfection, grilled over open flame or tenderly steamed with onions, tomatoes & seasoning.

Lobster Barbadian lobster tail, ocean fresh, sauteed in a light garlic sauce with sweet pepper, onions, herbs & tomato.

Desserts: $18-$40

Coconut Cream Pie A David's Place favourite

Bajan Banana Split A tempting treat done the Bajan way.

Dinner - Private Car Park - Bar

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